Best. Weekend. Ever.

The first post… dun dun DUN. I was contemplating what to post about and decided that I am certainly not above luring you in with sparkly things and pictures of an adorable baby.  I know, shameless.

A couple of weeks ago I had the best weekend ever. I spent a little quality time with some lovely friends I don’t often get to see, held my perfect baby nephew for the first time, and got engaged to the greatest guy. And also Crackers.


Anna and Abbey with their combined masterpiece, Abbey’s birthday cake. I’m so glad she was born and sooo glad these girls like to bake.


This moment was fucking magical.


Baby Sawyer Alan Jones! Looking all smug in his swaddle.


My first favorite part of holding Sawyer was witnessing Papa Bear Hank in all his glory. Hank has always been so laid back. He’s just the coolest. I guess I assumed that attitude would carry on into parenthood for him – false.  He criticized my carefully-thought-out-nephew-holding form. “Don’t rub his head like that. He’s not a pet,” he said. He hovered. I loved every minute of it. Isn’t it the best when your family can still completely surprise you?

My second favorite part was when Hank leaned down and planted a smooch on Sawyer’s head. Sawyer smiled in his sleep. My auntie heart melted.


Look at this grump! He’s already earning his nickname: Baby Saw. This little baby is a badass.


I’m engaged to this dreamboat! There was a walk and a sunset and crisp Colorado air and some birds and fountains. It was just right and it feels pretty great to have found my person. He’s just my flavor of weird and I’ve never felt happier and more like myself.


When my gorgeous niece found out about the engagement, she made my dad take her to the store to get us these flowers and a card to congratulate us – our first engagement gift!


And lastly, Crackers. Getting to spend some snuggle time in front of the fire with this crazy animal was the cherry on top of a perfect weekend.

3 thoughts on “Best. Weekend. Ever.

  1. If I didn’t already know and love you, I would be newly falling in love with you! Love the blog and your take on life. You’re the best.

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