Spring cleaning. Spring Pie. Springtime in Barcelona.

Spring break 2014!!! I remember a time when spring break meant driving to Mexico with some awesome people, drinking beers on the beach, playing card games late into the night, and taking no less than two naps a day.  That was the life! I can’t even believe that the last time I was at that lovely little cabin on the beach was five years ago, holy smokes.

walking out the side door of the cabin.
walking out the side door of the cabin.

Now that I’m getting slightly more comfortable with the idea of growing up, spring break looks a little different. I actually wasn’t going to have a break at all until one of our fellowship directors worked with us to give us three days off. The last two months have been crazy busy and I am truly stoked about this five-day weekend.  I’ve let a couple of projects pile up around the Ketones household (Ketter + Jones – see what we did there, eh eh?) and money’s a bit tight (we’re trying to plan a wedding here, folks!) so the idea of staying close to home this week sounded A-OK to me.

Let me tell you what: no matter what happens the rest of this week, today was everything I wanted this break to be. It. Was. So. Good. Chris and I woke up weird early in the morning and headed to the gym so I could get my ass handed to me in the Total Conditioning group fitness class. The instructor is around 34 weeks pregnant and a beast – not one person in the class can keep up with her. I love it so hard. When we got home we decided to tackle the closets. I’ll spare you the most boring of details but there is something so pleasant about having your space clean and organized and getting rid of some of the excess. I also got rid of a boatload of clothes, as partly evidenced below:

but really, where did it all come from?
but really, where did it all come from?

I was inspired by an article I read in the de-clutter issue of Oprah’s magazine which I picked up while traveling to Florida last month. This article claims that you only need 33 items in your wardrobe… including accessories and shoes. I’m no miracle worker, but I did get pretty close! Having such a challenging goal in mind helped me be more ruthless about what I needed to get rid of.

We’re trying to brush up on some spanish before our upcoming OMT rotation in Barcelona and a classmate is letting us borrow some audio lessons by Pimsleur. At one point, we had the lessons turned up on the stereo, Chris was working on the guest room closet, I was working on my closet, and we were both working on giving someone directions to the movie theatre in spanish. A much different experience than spring break in Mexico, but it still made me pretty damn happy.

Chris’ parents are coming out for a visit pretty soon and they will probably be here during his dad’s birthday. I found out that he’s not a big fan of cake (what?!) but loves lemon meringue pie. I tackled this pie years ago with the help of my BFFL, but I always feel more confident with a recent practice pie under my belt. Lemon meringue can be kind of tricky and I want to put my best pie forward. Let’s be real, I want his parents to love me and a great pie can only help my case. Duh.

we are domestic goddesses.
we are domestic goddesses.

I used this Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe by Emeril and it turned out fucking fantastic. I replaced Lemoncello with more lemon juice and baked the meringue at 325 degrees since I don’t own a blow torch (major oversight there). I whole-heartedly suggest giving this pie a try!

thing of beauty.
now that i’ve taken a picture, i can proceed to eating all of the pie. jk i’ve got some family members who are looking forward to meeting it tomorrow 🙂 

To finish off the day, Chris made me breakfast for dinner and we worked on some more little projects with March Madness in the background.  Tomorrow I’m really looking forward to game night in Loveland, seeing the fam, and hanging out with my perfect nephew. And Crackers, obvi.  Grown-up spring breaks rule.


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