Take off


I think one of the most relaxing parts of any big trip can be the moment when you’re checked in at the airport and waiting for boarding time. By this point, all the plans are made, the bags are packed, last minute errands are taken care of, and it’s game time. You’ve probably packed everything you’ll need, but maybe not. There’s nothing to do but take a deep breath and wait. And also drink some wine.

This is going to be a big trip, it took boat loads of planning, and I’ve had a good deal of anxiety about packing the perfect bag. We bought new luggage at REI and I was pretty stoked on some of the features until I tried to pack everything I wanted inside- it’s smaller than it looks! I can tell you now that compression sacks are worth their weight in gold. I might change my tune once I unpack and assess how much ironing needs to be done, but they allowed me to fit an extra skirt and pair of workout clothes so I’m pretty darn happy. The bags have certainly forced both of us to pack light! That’s a lesson I can always use. People have done even more with even less – useful to remember in all sorts of situations.

I also indulged in a nice shoeshine at the airport. Fred took great care of my beat-up old Danskos and was a pleasure to talk to! Look him up next time you need your shoes shined at DIA.


Love this style going on here? I had some tough choices to make when packing my small bag and fashion sacrifices were made. Who knows, maybe it will catch on?!

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