Birthday in Barcelona

Last week was incredible. Too much and just the right amount. We saw amazing things, met amazing people, and learned an awful lot about ourselves and what it means to be an osteopath.

These two were the most generous, helpful, fun, and interesting hosts of all time. Christian and his wife, Asun, taught us so much about operating a successful practice, Spain, traveling the world, and life! We got some insight on HVLA techniques and body mechanics, the importance of visceral manipulation, and even a few cranial tricks. All of the work that was done to make this month-long international rotation possible has been totally worth it, thanks to our time with Christian and Asun. And we still have 4 more countries to visit!


They even drove us to Sitges one afternoon! We enjoyed some beer and tapas by the beach and then walked around the old part of town for a bit.

This picture was taken out of the balcony of the apartment we rented for the week. Right in the heart of the gothic quarter, smack dab in the middle of Las Ramblas and the cathedral of Barcelona, it was just a quick jog to the beach in the morning. It was our first time using and I definitely consider it a success! Our host was friendly and super helpful, the apartment was clean, spacious, and had a little kitchen so we could cook to save some money. It was a great deal for the price and the perfect home-away-from-home during our time in Spain.

Here’s one of Chris walking down the stairs in the cathedral of Barcelona, which was his favorite. Mine was (and probably always will be) La Sagrada Familia. That place is out of control.

Loved the labyrinth park! It wasn’t too crowded and there were plenty of tall beautiful trees so we didn’t feel it at all when it decided to rain a bit. We made it to the middle of the maze, but we saw the rest of it first 🙂 It was tricky!

I made Chris pose for a picture in front of this yellow and green bush because he had his Packers shirt on and it just seemed so right. This was on our way down from “hiking” up Mont Jüic. I saw it on the map and that it was only about a mile and a half away from our apartment so we set out one afternoon. It was a warmer day and a steeper walk up than I realized and we were pretty worn out by the time we made it to the castle at the top. The view was worth it though and we’re always game for a little more exercise!

I loved having my birthday in Barcelona. I have a lot of feelings about getting older but overall I’m stoked on it. I’m coming dangerously close to deciding once and for all what I want to be when I grow up and I’ve found my person. I’ve realized just how far determination, a lot of hard fucking work, and a little faith can get you. I’m happy with my progress! Cheers to that.

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